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'ProMackSys' is our new project management software system specifically designed to help small to medium sized businesses manage, monitor and deliver projects and tasks on time and to budget, whilst tracking employee time, costs and expenses against each task and project. With a detailed Management Dashboard and Reporting function you will be able to effectively monitor and manage all aspects of your projects and tasks, ensuring your business runs efficiently.


'ProMackSys' project management software includes the following core functionality:


System and Security Functions

  • Networked database allowing secure multiple user access; 
  • Secure user login;
  • Easy point and click menu system,
  • Detailed change audit trail tracking by user name, including information before and after changes, dates times etc;
  • Configurable system settings by Admin users;
  • Admin management of user permissions;
  • Configure and setup your own work/task codes and descriptions; and
  • Integrated help menu system.

Customer Information

  • Import, store and manage detailed customer information;
  • Auto email customer from customer record;
  • Auto add customer to email contacts list;
  • Easy and quick customer search facility; and
  • Quick access to all customer projects.

Employee Information

  • Store and manage detailed employee and payroll information;
  • Auto email employees from employee record; and
  • Easy and quick employee search facility.

Project Proposals

  • Import customer database information for creating, issuing, monitoring and managing progress with developing and submitting customer proposals on time;
  • Issue proposals for project work or services based on fixed price, time based or fixed task pricing;
  • Create Project Proposals through building up relevant tasks, employee hours/days, cost and income; 
  • Calculates forecasted net profit and margin rate;
  • Select and store invoicing and tax details against each proposal;
  • Easy and quick Proposal search facility;
  • Supports attachments for centralising storage of key project documents;
  • Record proposals by Salesperson; and
  • Tracks pending, won, lost and abandoned Proposals through a detailed Management Dashboard and reports.

Project and Task Management

  • Detailed monitoring and management of Projects and Tasks including employee time, expenses, invoices and payment;
  • Configurable RAG (Red, Amber, Green) project and task status indicator which enables easy visual identification of delayed projects;
  • Completion performance tracking through days taken variation monitoring and reporting;
  • Project Invoicing screen for storing and managing invoices and payments against each Project and Task;
  • Supports attachments for centralising storage of key project documents; 
  • Detailed Task Management screen showing budgeted hours, days and cost against actuals, including task net profit and margin rate; and
  • Auto add tasks to email calendar. 

Employee Dashboard

  • Detailed Employee Dashboard for managing and monitoring individual projects, tasks, hours, expenses and banked hours; and
  • Timesheet entry facility to allocate chargeable or non-chargeable hours to project tasks, including timesheet printing function; 

Management Dashboard

  • Comprehensive Management Dashboard for monitoring progress with proposals, projects and all related inputs and outputs (employees, expenses, invoicing, net profit, margin rates etc);
  • Monitor and track Proposal due dates and submitted Proposals that are awaiting results;
  • Monitor and track active Projects and highlights delayed Projects;
  • Monitor employee time and banked hours;
  • Monitor and approve employee expenses;
  • Monitor, approve and invoice completed tasks and projects with invoice export facility for use in other invoicing systems; and
  • Reporting screen with various reports for employee time analysis (chargeable and non-chargeable), payroll, invoicing, proposal, project and task status reports (showing budget, net profit and margin per project and task).

ProMackSys project management software can also be easily adapted to suit your specific business needs and we would be happy to deliver a free demo of how the system will improve how you manage, monitor and control delivery of projects and tasks within your business, resulting in improved efficiency and increased net profit for your business. With options for remote access to the system then you can manage and monitor projects and tasks while on the move.


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