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Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful data management and analysis tool which can analyse, process and present data using pivot tables and graphs and can link to a number of other software packages to produce mail merges for letters and report production.

If you need assistance in creating powerful spread sheets or analysing and presenting complex data in a simple way then we can help. We can help you with a range of Excel functions and can take your data and convert it to any format that you require. If you are implementing a new business software system and your existing data is in Excel then we can analyse and format your data into the required fields for importing into your software system to save re-entering data.

  We can also provide the following Excel services:

1) Creating Pivot tables and graphs;

2) Designing spreadsheets and improving your existing spreadsheets;

3) Data automation and processing and analysis;

4) Improving your business processes;

5) Creation of special formulas and macros to reduce workload and process times;

6) Extracting, formatting and analysing data from spreadsheets and databases for import to other systems.

7) Review and quality control checking of your spreadsheets;

8) Creating dynamic chart and reports for including in presentation;

9) Custom spreadsheet design and programming using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA);

10) Creation of Performance Dashboards for displaying Key Performance Indicators from your business;

11) Integration of Excel with Powerpoint, Word, Outlook and Access;

12) Integrating data with web sites and other software systems; and

13) If you have lost your password for Excel spreadsheets then we can recover it and remove passwords for you.

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